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Why did I create this website and what can someone do to help?

I have always been interested in sports logos and uniforms especially the history and evolution of logos over the years. I started to frequent a Sports Logo Message Board (at which is a great place to find information about upcoming logo or uniform changes. There are a few members of the message board who have insight into changes that are going to happen, often before the actual official release dates (we don't ask how they get the info, we're just thrilled that they do). Once I started signing on to the message board and browsing around I also noticed that there were lots of folks out there who also liked to create their own "concept" logos for teams that they feel need improving. Some of the work is by professional graphic artists who mainly deal with Corporate Logos and enjoy doing sports logos as a hobby, but most of the work is by amateur logo enthusiasts who enjoy playing with programs such as Paint Shop Pro, Illustrator, even MS Paint.

I began tinkering around myself designing custom logos for teams in the Fantasy Football League I run. While looking for some good Football Helmet templates to use for the fantasy league logos I stumbled upon the Ohio High School Football Helmet website. I thought it was great and did some further research and found like websites for Georgia, Florida, and Michigan. I never found one for New York State and decided why not? and what is here is years of scouring the web looking for information to do this project.

I began the project just trying to find EVERY High School in New York State, then I had to decide how best to categorize the schools. Once I had the comprehensive lists of Schools I started searching the web looking for quality photos which showed in details the teams helmet color, stripe pattern, facemask color and logo design. I first published the site with just Public High Schools being accounted for, the main reason for this was that it was hard to find a resource showing all the Private Schools in NY and in what County they were located. I have since added Private Schools to the Website. There are so many Private High Schools in NY State some with as few as just 3 or 4 students registered, I made the determination that to be included on the website the School would have to have at least 100 students registered and compete in at least a couple of Varsity Sports.

How can you help? If you have information on a team that has made a change, but I have not reflected it on the website, contact me. A photo would be great but aside from that if you can give me a DETAILED description.. for example. you could say "The Lockport Lions use a bright yellow helmet, bright yellow facemask, no helmet stripes and the Detroit Lions helmet logo in Royal Blue with White outline" that plainly gives enough details for me to recreate it. High School football teams are in a constant state of change, every year probably dozens will change their helmet color, logo or facemask color, so if you see something out of date and have updated information send it along. You can send any info you have or feedback about the site to . I will try and place a Thank You on the appropriately named Thank You page to anyone who sends me information which helps me update a helmet.

I hope you enjoy the site and please remember to forward the link along to anyone who you think might have information to help me fill some holes or at least to anyone who you think might get a kick out of it.